Fix WordPress Add Media Button Not Working

How to Fix WordPress Add Media Button Not Working 2024

WordPress is a widely used free open-source website, content creation, and management platform. Add Media is available on every WordPress admin panel in a post or page, where you can easily add images and videos through the Media button.

The Add Media button not working is very frustrating when you’re adding media, but the media button doesn’t work.In this post, we’re going to explain the easiest way to Fix WordPress Add Media Button Not Working

How to Fix WordPress Add Media Button Not Working

Inspect the File upload not working.

Step 1: Use the Inspect option to find out the cause of this error. You need to follow simple steps. Just right-click on the Add Media button and choose Inspect Options.

Step 2: Next, click on the console tab.

Step 3: You can see a script that triggers the conflict (error in red text).

Note:This is just a test site. There is no error, but if there is any error on your site, then it will show the error in the red box.

Use FTP or File Manager to Fix WordPress Add Media Button Not Working

To fix this, you need to access the FTP or cPanel account Dashboard to edit the wp-config.php file.

Add the following code before the line that says, “That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging”

define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false );

Step 1: Log in to your cPanel dashboard and click on “File Manager.”.

– Once you’re in, navigate to the “public_html” folder and find the file called “wp-config.php“.

Step 2: Once you’ve located the file, right-click on it and select “Edit” to open it.

Step 3: In the opened file, add the code before the line that says, “That’s all, stop editing! Happy Publishing”

Step 4: Once you’ve added code, click on save changes.

Before checking if the error is fixed or not, you need to clear the cache from everywhere: plugin, browser, and server cache. The above code forces WordPress to load the Add Media Files process without any conflicting plugins or themes.

Adding the above code to wp-config.php is not a permanent solution for the add media button not working.

That aside, Deactivate conflicting plugins or themes

Deactivate all the plugins one by one, and also check whether the media button is working or not. You will easily find the problematic plugin.

Once you find the problematic plugin, remove it, or if you don’t want to remove it, then contact the developer of the plugin and resolve the error.

Set Default Theme

If the conflict is not caused by plugins, then you should move on the default theme provided by WordPress, such as Twenty Twenty-one, and then check if the media button is working or not. If the button works, the issue here with your theme triggers a conflict with JavaScript.

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Fixing the WordPress Add Media button not working can be a very frustrating experience, but it is important for ensuring smooth adding media and management on your WordPress website. We’ve discussed several proven methods to help you identify and fix WordPress Add Media Button Not Working.

Inspect the File Upload: Use the browser’s Inspect option to identify any conflicting scripts or errors that might be causing the issue.

Edit wp-config.php: If you discover a script conflict, access your website’s files through FTP or cPanel and add specific code to the wp-config.php file. This code will help load the Add Media function without conflicts.

Deactivate Conflicting Plugins or Themes: If the issue persists, deactivate your plugins one by one to identify the problematic ones.

Why is my WordPress Add Media button not working?

The Add Media button in WordPress may stop working due to various reasons, including script conflicts, plugin or theme issues.This guide provides steps to diagnose and resolve these issues.

What should I do if deactivating plugins and changing themes doesn’t solve the problem?

If the issue persists after deactivating plugins and switching themes, consider reaching out to a WordPress developer or support community for further assistance. They can help diagnose and address more complex issues.

How to Fix WordPress Add Media Button Not Working

To Fix WordPress Add Media Button not working, you need to follow the below troubleshooting steps.
Inspect the File Upload
Edit wp-config.php
Deactivate Conflicting Plugins or Themes

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